Class Description

Brothers Who Brick provides virtual and in-person LEGO Classes. Our class encourages creativity in our students. We provide a fun and safe learning environment where LEGO is our main learning material. Students are urged to use the LEGO they have available for class. Our program is catered to help the student learn the project for class using  LEGO pieces. Our class covers a wide range of subjects including history, storytelling, engineering, and other topics. S.T.E.M is our primary foundational tool for each class. 




How we use S.T.E.M

Science - Our class is used in experimental projects. Using LEGO, each student can experiment while building; to learn how everyday machinery works.

For example: Two gears put together creates “meshing” which generates kinetic energy for movement


Technology - Our class uses LEGO elements including LEGO Technic. Using LEGO Technic, we can learn how technology works to create movement. 

For example: Learning how a “Hinge” works on a LEGO build by drawing comparison to doors


Engineering - Our class introduce the concept of innovation. Students can learn how different techniques work by designing new LEGO builds

For Example: Building a functioning slide, there are many ways to build a functioning slide


Mathematics - Our class teaches students how to count LEGO Bricks and LEGO Studs. Learning how to count LEGO will enable students to understand how many bricks is needed to build a structure.

For Example: The empire state building needs 40 (2x4 Bricks) & 20 (2x2 Bricks). How many bricks are needed to build the empire state building. (60 Bricks)



Brothers Who Brick Virtual Classes provide a 5-Week program of a various theme and topics. Each class has an optional homework assignment based on what is covered in class. Each student is encouraged to use their creative and listening skills to understand the purpose of the topic.

Brothers Who Brick Private Classes offers a 5-Week 1 to 1 program with an option to extend classes beyond the 5-Week parameters. Themes of the class are optional based on the student’s education needs.

Brother Who Brick In-Person Classes provide an In-Person style class. Corey is a LEGO Engineer instructor who has experience teaching an in-person group setting. This program is a 5-week program with the option to re-enroll in another 5-Week In-Person program.


Our Mission

Our mission is to enrich your student to learn new styles of building with LEGO. We hope to fuel creativity within your student and help them with their social skills. Our goal is to provide an extracurricular class that can be integrated with your student’s academic schedule or after school programming.


Samz BREGO Academy

Educational Reference Center


Visit this PDF for Lesson Plan Syllabus

Minecraft Syllabus

Review Minecraft Syllabus



This program is a Creative building and critical thinking framework. Utilization of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) platform. Primary material in use during class are LEGO elements.

Program Duration: 5 week program or increased per Client’s needs.


Type: Creative Storytelling Lesson Plan


Topic: Organic Storytelling


Theme: Minecraft


Lesson: World Building and Design Development

Lesson Duration: 60-90 minutes

Grade Level: K-5th Grade



Students are designing and building a MINECRAFT world based on different objectives that shall be met. Students will be able to demonstrate Storytelling, listening, reasoning, rationalizing, decision making, building models, creating concepts, and an understanding of the source material provided by the instructor.


Summary of Task/Action:

Learn to create a world by accomplishing STEM projects intergraded in the overall progress of the world building. Students can earn “currency” to help with the construction and upgrading items to assist in their world building. 




LEGO Mosaic Assembly

LEGO Mosaic Format

Community Mosaic initiative

This community project is designed to bring school, churches and community together in a fun, interactive way. By working together to complete a LEGO Mosaic project, participants are able to create something special that will make a lasting impact to their organization. 


If you interested in bringing this fun project to your community, reach out to us here 





Sicomac Elementary School Project


Woodside Elementary School Project


PS 288 Brooklyn, New York


High Mountain Road Elementary School


The Walter Weaver School - LEGO Mosaic


Afton Elementary School - LEGO Mosaic



 PS 007 - Samuel Stern Mosaic 


Travell Elementary School